How Facebook has prepared to fight fake news ahead of LS polls?

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Political discussion has advantages past pet videos and family photos on timelines. Various people are keeping track of posts being shared on social media platform Facebook.
This is done to scan if any of these violate the policies against hate speech and fake news furthermore have the potential to impact the upcoming general elections in India.

These teams are set up in operational centers to monitor social activity while India’s elections get underway.

Centers are set up in Menlo Park, India, Dublin and Singapore scan videos, audio, and the written on the site.

A little over 900 million citizens are registered as voters for the seven-phase general election which begin on April 11.

The election is being contested as much on the social media stratosphere as in the constituencies.

This operations center squad, 40 teams of 30,000 people across the globe includes experts from across sectors such as cybersecurity and engineering.
They have been put in place after the social media site faced heat from governments and privacy watchdogs. This was the aftereffect of the Cambridge Analytica controversy, which revealed privacy lapses on the platform.

Typically, this forensic exercise – of assigning a post or an account, handing it over to the operations teams that run 24X7, for the investigation to assess if it passes for a takedown is completed in hours.

As per Kaushik Iyer, engineering manager for civic integrity at Facebook, these teams determine what content is acceptable furthermore does not breach the code of ethics. In India, altered videos and audio with an aim to misrepresent are one of the major challenges for the company. Rita Aquino, who is the Indian elections lead for civic integrity said this.

Monitoring social media

Zuckerberg recently called for enactment in the areas of toxic content, election integrity, privacy, and data portability. Is the company prepared for monitoring of its stage?

Habarth said while the company is doing its bit to undertake problems, it cannot do so alone.

“These are unusual times we find ourselves in…one area I have been thinking about is regulation of political communication space,” she said.

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