Hong Kong: 4 arrested for online post after new safety law imposed


Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Police has arrested a large number of people for the first time since the new security law came into force. Four people have been arrested by the police in the case of malfeasance against the administration. These people are accused of posting objectionable posts on social media. All the arrested people are young and their age is between 16 and 21 years.

One is a woman among the four arrested. These four have been arrested from three different places. The police officer has given information about this in a news conference. All those arrested are students. Police have said that the group of four people commented on social media. They demanded Hong Kong independence. Hong Kong has recently implemented a new security law.

Regarding the arrest, Senior Superintendent Lee Qwe-Wah told a news agency that, the arrested people said that they want to establish the Hong Kong Republic and they will continue their fight for it. A new unit has been created for the Security Act in which Lee Quay-Wah is posted at a senior position. Lee said that the arrested youngsters also said that they want to unite pro-independence people in Hong Kong for this work. The new security law has come into force in Hong Kong from 30 June. It was implemented by the Jinping government of China.

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