Bigg Boss: Himanshi needs time to think about Asim, viewers call them fake

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Bigg Boss 13’s latest episode saw several family members and friends of the contestants entering the house to meet their near and dear ones. One of the evicted contestant Himanshi Khurana who came to meet Asim Riaz and surprised by his wedding proposal.12

Himanshi Khurana surprised by Asim Riaz wedding proposal

Asim went down on one knee and held Himanshi’s hand to say, “Himanshi, I really love you. Will you marry me? I swear to God, I want to marry you.” She replied, “You are a nice boy but there are many other things right now. Asim said he is not refusing but we have to see many things after going outside. I hope you understand. However, I will only say that I am here for you and this is enough.” She accepted the flower and replied, “I took so much time to make a friend and I need time to make a lover.”

While Himanshi did not give a clear message to Asim about accepting or refusing his offer, on being asked if she means she is accepting his proposal but needs time to think, she said, “yes”. Asim even said that he can wait for 10 years for her. On Shehnaaz Gill’s insistence, she went on to say, “I love you as a friend.” She eventually gave in to his persistence and said, “I do”.

The viewers remained divided on Twitter

However, the viewers remained divided on Twitter. A viewer said, “Stop projecting a false narrative. Promo was misleading as usual. This looks like himanshi came inside for herself than for asim.” Another commented, “Big Fat NOOO..It just looks FAKE to Death!” Calling it a game plan, one more reacted, “Bilkul nahi…we r not blind that cannot distinguish between real bond n fake forced drama for the game….kisi ka game plan banane k liye kuch bhi.” A viewer mocked the two of them and said, ”Himanshi Khurrana Aaj itna Footage kha rhi thi Jaise wo Railway Ki ticket kaatne waale counter pr kaam krne wali employee hai aur Asim ko Confirm ticket k liye Guhaar lagaani par rhi ho (Himanshi showing so much attitude like she a ticket seller at the railway counter and Asim requesting her to give a confirmed ticket).”

Many also reacted in their favor. A fan of the two wrote on Twitter, “Yes we love #AsiManshi”. Another reacted, “Yeahh Finally!!!! #AsiManshi.”

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