No one is ‘traitor, who peacefully opposes CAA: Bombay High Court

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  • Aurangabad Bench comment of Bombay High Court regarding people agitating peacefully against CAA
  • They cannot call traitors just because they want to oppose a law: High Court
  • India got independence due to the movements which were non-violent, we are lucky that people still believe in non-violence: High Court


The Aurangabad Bench of the Bombay High Court remarked on the people agitating peacefully against the CAA that ‘they cannot be called traitors and traitors just because they want to oppose a law’. The bench said this while hearing a petition filed against the permission of the police to agitate against the CAA.

Bombay High Court said  people agitating peacefully against the CAA cannot be called traitors

The bench said, “Such a movement does not pose any question of violation of the provisions of the CAA.” The court expected to consider the right of such individuals to start the movement in a peaceful manner. ‘ The bench said that because they want to oppose a law, they cannot be called traitors and traitors only. Because of the CAA, it will be just a protest against the government.

Freedom achieved due to non-violent movements: HC

The bench quashed two orders given by the Additional District Magistrate (ADM) of Beed district and the Majalgaon City Police. The police cited the ADM’s order as the basis for refusing permission to protest. The bench said, ‘India got independence due to the movements which non-violent. However, this path of non-violence adopted by the people of this country to date. We are fortunate that most people of this country still believe in non-violence. ‘

‘Peaceful movement cannot suppressed’

The bench said, “In this case also the petitioners and their partners want to make a peaceful protest to register their protest.” The Bench further said that in the British era, our ancestors had also fought for freedom and human rights and from the backward philosophy behind that movement we made our Constitution. It can be said that this is unfortunate but people can agitate against their own government and their movement cannot be suppressed only on this basis.

‘Movements affect law and order’

Let me tell you that in the order of ADM, the report of Beed Superintendent of Police cited. The report said that the law and order situation deteriorates due to the movements caused by various reasons. Petitioner Iftekhar Zaki Sheikh refused permission to stage a peaceful protest against the CAA and NRC at the old Idgah ground in Majalgaon. The Sheikh challenged through a plea by the ADM order and the police’s denial of permission.

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