Had it been “Devinder Khan” ,to ‘Congress brought the term “Hindu Terror”‘

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The debate on the disclosure of the relationship with terrorists by DSP Devinder Singh of the Anti-Hijacking Unit of Jammu and Kashmir Police. Congress Parliamentary Party leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary gave it a new twist in the Lok Sabha.

He said that the DSP arrested with terrorists would have been Devinder Khan instead of Devinder Singh, the RSS troll army would have created a ruckus on social media. He said that now who was actually behind the horrific incident of the Pulwama attack, it is also necessary to re-examine it. On the other hand, spokesperson Randeep Surjewala has asked the Home Minister and the Prime Minister, who is the real conspirator, while describing the arrested DSP as a mere pawn.

Targeting the RSS by giving communal color

Adhir made three tweets one after the other relating to the revelations made by DSP’s arrest. In the first tweet, he targeted the RSS and wrote, “Had Devinder Khan replaced Devinder Singh, the response of the RSS troll regiment would have been more harsh and outspoken.” He said that the enemies of the country should be criticized without seeing color, creed, and religion.

BJP attacked Congress strongly and said that this oldest party of the country definitely has some connection with Pakistan. The BJP, who was angry at finding religion in the arrest of DSP Devinder Singh of leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary in the Lok Sabha, said the Congress had done what it was capable of, attacking India and trying to save Pakistan.

‘Congress also finds religion’

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said, Congress has found religion. Politicizing religion on terrorism has been the political method of Congress. They coined words like saffron terrorism and Hindu terrorism. All this is happening at the behest of Sonia Gandhi.

He said, ‘Something is wrong, some connection is with Pakistan. Otherwise, Pakistan speaks the same language again and again. By evening, the tweet of both Hafiz Saeed and Imran Khan will come in support. Headlines have started running in Pakistan’s media. The media there has taken up the subject. You wait, Hafiz Saeed will say again, ‘I love you Congress.’ He has said earlier that I love the Congress very much. He will again express his love for the Congress.

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