Government loves Land, not Kashmiris: Assaduddin Owaisi

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AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has once again launched a scathing attack on the central government on the pretext of Kashmir. Owaisi made serious allegations that he (the central government) only loves the land of Kashmiris and not them. During this, Owaisi also lashed out at PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on the pretext of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth.

Owaisi said, ‘For article 370, Tamil Nadu actors (Rajinikanth) are calling PM Modi and Amit Shah’ Krishna and Arjun ‘. In such a situation then who are the Kauravas and Pandavas. Do you want another Mahabharata in the country? ‘ Let us know that since the government’s decision on article 370, the opposition is constantly attacking it. Recently, Rahul Gandhi also bluntly said that this decision will impact national security.

In fact, the opposition is constantly besieging the Modi government at the Center regarding the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and the reorganization of the state. The opposition alleges that Jammu and Kashmir was divided into pieces in a unilateral decision, with no one taking part in it. Now Owaisi has also attacked the Center on this issue.

Owaisi said – The government wants Mahabharat  in the country

Owaisi said, ‘Does the government want Mahabharata in the country. The government has no love for Kashmiris. Owaisi said, “These people just want to stay in power.” They love the land of Kashmiris, not them.

Rahul Gandhi said it will affect national security

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had said in a tweet, “Dividing Jammu and Kashmir into one-sided decisions, sending people’s representatives to jail and violating the Constitution does not become national integration. They make the country up of people, not land plots. This misuse of power will have a serious impact on national security. ‘ On the removal of Article 370, the rift in the Congress party itself is increasing. The party leadership opposed the government’s decision, but many big party leaders have justified the decision.

Protesters sympathetic to terrorists are protesting: PM

Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi has bluntly stated that those who oppose 370 are the same people sympathetic to the terrorists. Reacting to this in an interview, he said, ‘Make a list of such people who opposed this decision on Kashmir. This includes some selfish groups, political lineages, people sympathetic to terrorists and some friends of the opposition. The people of the country, whatever their political ideology, supported this move for Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. It is purely a matter of the nation and not of politics.

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