Kaifi Azmi Birthday: Google Doodle on 101st Birth Anniversary

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Today is the 101st birth anniversary of the country’s famous poet, lyricist, and activist Kaifi Azmi. On this special occasion, not only the family of Kaifi Azmi but also Google has remembered him. Let us know that on the 101st birth anniversary of Kaifi Azmi, Google made a doodle and gave him a wonderful gift.

Google celebrating 101st birth anniversary of the famous poet, lyricist, and activist Kaifi Azmi

Kaifi Azmi was born in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. His full name was Syed Athar Hussain Rizvi i.e. Kaifi Azmi. He earned a lot of name through his writing. Kaifi Azmi mostly known for writing poems of love. Apart from this, he was an expert in writing Bollywood songs, screenplay. He wrote his first poem at just 11 years old. Let us tell you that Kaifi Azmi of Shairana Mijaz greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s left India movement in 1942. As much as Kaifi Azmi’s poems, songs, and poems have been interesting. His and Shaukat Azmi’s love story.

You will be surprised to know that his wife Shaukat Azmi had called him ‘Badtamiz’ in the filled conference. Actually, Kaifi Azmi was reciting his nagam ‘Uth meri Jaan Mein hi sate Chala hai Tujhe’ in a mushaira in Hyderabad. The first line of this nudge, ‘Uth’ was not liked by Shaukat Azmi. She said that what kind of poet is he who does not even know how to talk to Tamizh. Could not say ‘rise’ instead of ‘rise’. She even went on to say, ‘What a foolish poet!’ It does not know anything about art. Who would be willing to get up with it? But when Shaukat listened to her full voice, she was silent. The effect of this nudge was that later the same girl who objected to Kaifi Sahab saying ‘Uth Meri Jaan’ became his wife Shaukat Azmi.

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