Girl’s family beats Boyfriend for making Tik-Tok video with her

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The Tik-Tok app is popular nationwide. The ghost of tick-talk is uncounted on people’s heads. Every day some news about Tik Tok (Tik Tok) comes out. Now again, a surprising incident has come out from Yadgir district of Haidarabad area of ​​Karnataka. Here a young man was forced to make a Tik-Tok video with his girlfriend. They brutally beat the young man up by the girl’s family because the Tik-Tok video went viral. The video of the beating of this young man is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

In the video, we tie the family of girlfriends and girlfriends of the young man to his tree and beating him. Not only this, but his girlfriend is also hitting him with sandals. This girl is beating this boy because his boyfriend had uploaded the Tik-Tok video on another social media site which went viral. The girl’s housemates had also seen this video, because of which they also knew their relationship at home. The boy says that he did not know that it records the tick-talk video. The victim’s name is Bugappa, and he hails from Haligeri village in Yadgir district.

These two boyfriends and girlfriends used to make Tik-Tok videos with each other. But the girl did not know that the boy would record this video and upload it on the social media site. The Yadgir district in Hyderabad, Karnataka, is of old age even today. Even today social media is misunderstood. As soon as the video of these two went viral on social media, the girl’s mother watched it.

Because of this, the crowd of the village tied the boy to the tree and beat him. In the video, the boy’s mother is seen rescuing her son. The boy’s mother has him admitted to a nearby hospital, where he is being treated. No case has been registered in this case yet.

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