Girl Abducted Just Days Before Her Marriage in Sitapur

Girl Abducted days before her marriageAll Crime National News 

In the district of Oripur, some dacoits entered the house and abducted a young woman before getting married. 

The young woman was about to get married on 15th May. But to save the dignity of the family, the younger sister of that woman has married the man. 

However, the police still can not find the kidnapped woman. The police say she will be detected soon.

The elder sister of 19-year-old Shivani, who lived in Oripur area of ​​the district, was abducted on April 3, 2019, while going to school. 

The victim family complained to the police. They also registered the case against the accused of the area. They recovered the girl after 2 days due to the strictness of the police. 

The Woman was Abducted Twice

Relatives fixed the marriage of Shivani’s elder sister with Veer Singh on 15th May. Both families got ready for the wedding preparations. Meanwhile, Neeraj, Mohit, and Ramesh, along with his companions, entered the house and kidnapped Shivani’s sister again at gunpoint.

The victim’s family gave the information to the police, but the police took none action. The victim family continued to move from the police station to the authorities but only got the assurance. According to the families, the goons are roaming around freely and threatening the family to take the case back. 

 Talking to the groom, agreed to marry

On May 15, Shivani’s elder sister was to get married. To save her family from getting embarrassed in the society, the 11th class Shivani herself decided that she would marry Veer Singh. For this, she herself spoke to Veer Singh and he agreed. 

Shivani says she will now complete her studies in her in-laws’ house. Shivani and Veer Singh say that this decision will save the respect of both families in the society.

Police talking of action

Additional Superintendent of Police Mahendra Pratap Singh said that they registered the case against 4 people. The investigation is going on. It is true that this incident happened again but we will recover the girl soon. We will prosecute the culprits.


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