Frauds using Any Desk and Team Viewer for Cyber Theft

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a warning earlier this year, saying that people need to be careful with the remote app Any desk. Through this app, the juggler sits anywhere and takes full control of the user’s phone by accessing it. After this warning of RBI, HDFC, ICICI and Axis Bank issued an advisory.

This app is used by fraudsters to steal money through UPI. However, the Any Desk app is neither a malicious app nor is it a threat. For professionals working in the IT sector, this app is useful because it allows access to any mobile or laptop from anywhere. In common language, it is a screen-sharing platform.
Another such app is Team Viewer. It also works in the same way as Any Desk. We use extensively this app for professional work. If the watermen feel it, then they can use it in a very wrong way.

Let’s know how these cyber-criminal are stealing money from people’s bank account through these apps.

There are two types of fraud

The fraudster calls as a bank executive. There have also been many cases in which users call themselves on the wrong customer care number on Google. In both these cases, the thugs who remain, fake bank employees, ask the users to download the Anne Desk or Team Viewer Quick Support App.

9 digit code is game

After downloading the app, these Cyber ​​Criminals require a 9-digit remote desk code. They easily convince the user to tell the number. As soon as you get the 9-digit code, they can easily see and control the user’s mobile or computer screen. Not only this, but they can also record the screen.

They steal bank details

With screen sharing, fraudsters can monitor the user’s mobile and computer activity. This is the easiest way to steal bank details. As soon as users enter their bank account username and password, these fraudsters note it. They adopt the same method for the UPI payment app. The most worrying thing in this is that these apps continue to run in the background even after it locks the phone.

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