Former PM of this country jailed for 12 years, Found guilty in 7 cases of corruption


Kuala Lumpur: Former Malaysian PM Najeeb Razzaq has been sentenced to 12 years in jail by the court in the 1MDB scam case. A Malaysian court on Tuesday convicted Razzaq in a case of embezzlement of billions of dollars from the Government Investment Fund and sentenced him to 12 years in prison. While listening to the judgment, Razzaq's face was calm and there was no visible emotion on his face.

Razzaq is the first such leader of Malaysia, who has been found guilty. He has said to challenge this decision. He can be sentenced to several years in prison. This decision of the court came five months after Najeeb's joining as a major ally of the Malay party in the new ruling coalition government. Najeeb's party had to be ousted from power in 2018 due to public outrage over the billions of dollars scam. This decision has come in one of the five corruption cases against Najib.

Experts say the decision will have an impact on Najeeb's other lawsuits and will also send a message to the business community that Malaysia's legal system has the power to deal with international financial crimes. Justice Mohammad Najlan Ghazali, after reading his verdict for two hours, said, I find the accused guilty and convicted on all seven charges. Najeeb's supporters started crying outside the court after this decision.

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