Forget Tik Tok, this app will make you Famous in no time

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This is a short video making app on which you can create Amazing videos

You can add special effects, face effects to your videos and also add 3D background. This app is a popular short video editing app where you can tell your talent through video. Here you can create funny, interesting videos by creating.


This app is a short video making app that can create videos from 30 second to 60 second and we get many effects, filters, and magic effects to make them unique. Likee app also has 4d magic effects and superpower effects by which you can make your videos magical. It also features the recording of video in Slow Motion and Fast Motion. You can also create Duet video in Likee App. And you can follow your friends or anyone in it and your friends can follow you too.

If you enjoy acting, this Likee app can be useful for you because you get the dialogues and songs of many Bollywood movies you can do in the video.

And you can upload videos of Shayari and Joke. This can give you an idea of ​​its populality.

You can add music by clicking on the

1. Select the music option.

2. Click on switch and select the front camera.

3. Hold the video icon by a finger, but with this time-end option, you can also create videos by placing the mobile on anything.

4. By recording the video with the Beauty option, you can make Time Face and Beautiful.

5. speed option, you get the option of Slow Motion and Fast Motion to Video.

6. Use this option to record videos in Slow and Fast Motion.

7. In the Magic option, you get many face effect and music magic effects which can make the video even better.

8. Upload option allows you to upload your previously created videos here.

Now it comes to creating a Magical Video in the app, then click on the option spells for it.
1. Dialogue Acting- Here you will find the famous dialogues of the movies.

2.Music Magic – Music Magic will also show music in your video and magic effects.

3.4D magic – By using this feature you can change the background in the Like App and many 4d magic effects here.

4.Shipping Magic – With this option, you can reduce or decrease your highlights in the video and also increase or decrease the weight.

5. By using the Superpower option, you can add your superpower effects.

With all these options you can record magic videos.

After the Magic Video Record in Like App, we also get the editor to edit it. There are many more features in it. By which we can make videos better and better.

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