US has no right to interfere in CAB Bill: Foreign Ministry

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  • The US USCIRF called the Citizenship Amendment bill biased
  • Foreign Ministry said- Citizenship bill and NRC do not snatch Indian citizenship from anyone based on religion
  • ‘Every country including America may census and identify its citizens’

India has rejected the US statement on the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said on Tuesday that the American Center for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) did not need to interfere in our affairs. The Citizenship Bill (CAB) and NRC do not snatch Indian citizenship from anyone based on religion. The USCIRF described the citizenship bill as biased.

Ravish Kumar said – USCIRF does not may interfere in this matter. They are not aware of the local problems here. He is making rhetoric based on his prejudices. Every country, including the US, may conduct a census and identify its citizens. They can make plans or laws to do this.

Provides citizenship based on religion

This is a dangerous move in the wrong direction. The bill states whether to grant citizenship based on religion. It is also different from the secular form and constitution of India, which gives equality to everyone beyond religious discrimination. The Commission said – If the bill is passed in both the houses, then the US government should ban Home Minister Amit Shah and the main leadership.

CAB passed in Lok Sabha on Monday

The citizenship amendment bill passed in the Lok Sabha on Monday night. Voting held at 12.04 pm saw 311 votes in favor and 80 votes in opposition. They debated this for about 14 hours. Opposition parties called the bill discriminatory based on religion. Home Minister Amit Shah said in response that this bill is a document of freedom from torture and Indian Muslims have nothing to do with it. Shah said that this bill is only for the minorities who have come to India after being tortured from 3 countries and there is no Muslim minority in these countries because the national religion there is Islam. It will now introduce the bill in the Rajya Sabha.

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