Pakistan: Forcefully Converted and Married girl’s FIR cancelled

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  • Police cancel FIR registered in Pakistan, in forced conversion and Marriage case
  • Nankana Sahib police report presented in Lahore High Court, dismissing FIR as false
  • On 29 August, a man named Manmohan Singh wrote the FIR of kidnapping, forced conversion, and marriage to his sister.
  • Men abducted a 19-year-old Jagjit Kaua alias Ayesha Bibi at gunpoint.

Pakistan’s Nankana Sahib Police has quashed the FIR lodged by her brother. It was the case in the much-talked-about ‘extortion and forced conversion’ of a Sikh girl. On 29 August, Manmohan Singh, brother of Jagjit Kaur alias Ayesha Bibi, lodged an FIR to ‘kidnap and forcibly convert her to Muslim’. The police have dismissed the FIR itself as false.

Nankana Sahib Police presented its report in Lahore High Court on Wednesday. It informed Court about the cancellation of the FIR.

After this, the speculation of Jagjit Kaur’s release from Darul Aman, a shelter home in Lahore, has intensified.

In a phone call from a newspaper from Lahore, a lawyer of Sultan Sheikh, Jagjit and her husband Muhammad Hassan, said the police had submitted their report to the High Court. The report states that they have canceled the FIR.

Explain that Jagjit’s brother Manmohan Singh claimed in the FIR a group of people abducted her at gunpoint. They married her to Muhammad Hassan after a forcible conversion. Police then detained many of Hasan’s family and friends.

Hasan’s lawyer told, “Hasan told the court that not only people from the Sikh community but also the local police are harassing him and his family.” He also demanded the early release of his wife from Darul Aman, where he has been kept since the wedding on 29 August.

Let me tell you that this matter was very much discussed. Here, Nankana Sahib police had earlier claimed that the girl had returned to her parents’ house, although this claim proved false. The girl’s brother had said that her sister had not come home. This case is another example of atrocities on minorities in Pakistan, forced conversion of girls and even minors and marriage. In recent times, there have been incidents of forced conversions and marriage in Pakistan after they kidnapped many Hindu minor girls on arms.

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