FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers: Oman beats India 2-1

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  • Rabia scored the winning goal for Oman in the 90th minute
  • Captain Sunil Chhetri scored the only goal for India in the 24th minute

The Indian football team lost in the first qualifier match of the FIFA World Cup. Oman beat India 2–1 in an exciting match. However, the Indian team was 1-0 ahead at halftime. The Indian team started well in the match. Captain Sunil Chhetri scored in the 24th minute to give the team a 1-0 lead. This is Chhetri’s 72nd career goal. The score remained the same for 81 minutes.

In the 82nd minute, Rabia Syed scored the goal to make it 1-1. After this, Rabia scored their second goal in the 90th minute to give Oman an unassailable 2–1 lead. The Indian team could not beat Oman in the official FIFA match so far. This is the team’s 5th defeat against Oman. India’s second match will be from Qatar in Doha on 10 September.

FIFA have released the official logo for the Football World Cup in Qatar in 2022. It showcases both Qatar’s concrete infrastructure and the winter schedule. They have used the color of the national flag of Qatar in it. They kept the background of the people maroon colored. FIFA said they drew the design inspiration of the logo from the traditional woolen shawls of Qatar.

They released the logo at 8:22 pm local time in Doha, Qatar’s capital. They displayed it at Al-Juberah Fort, Burj Doha, Souk Waqf and Katara Cultural Amphitheater. Thousands of people also saw many iconic buildings in the country. They unveiled it in 24 cities including Mumbai, London, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Seoul and Paris.

32 teams will take part in the tournament

The World Cup will be played in 2022 from 21 November to 18 December. It will be played for the first time in winter. FIFA held earlier all the World Cups in summer. It is estimated that the temperature in Doha will be around 20 degrees Celsius during the match. 32 teams will participate in the tournament. The tournament will be held in Arab countries for the first time.

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