Farmers used empty bottles of glucose for farming, know-how?


Most people in India are farmers. Many times these farmers have to yearn for one grain. They hang themselves in debt. Meanwhile, the jugaad of a farmer is going viral. Actually we all know that water shortage is a big problem for the farmers of the country. In this sequence, a farmer of Madhya Pradesh has figured out such a method that you will be surprised to know. This farmer made a drip system from empty glucose bottles.

According to a website, this case is of Jhabua, a tribal-dominated district of Madhya Pradesh. There is a hilly area and because of this, the crop is less. For this reason, Ramesh Baria, who is a farmer, found a solution for this. According to him, in the years 2009-2010, he approached agricultural scientists of NAIP (National Agricultural Innovation Project) and told them the problems of his area. After that, the scientists gave him guidance. He told that he should start vegetable cultivation in small patches during the winter and rainy season and his land was suitable for such farming. According to him, he started growing bitter gourd, sponge gourd here. He has also built a small nursery. He said that there was a huge shortage of water due to the delay in the monsoon. Due to this, its crop could have deteriorated. Out of this fear, he again took the suggestion of experts.

So experts told him that they can take help of water bottles of West Glucose. He adopted an irrigation technique. After knowing this, the farmer bought glucose bottles worth Rs 20 per kg. Then he cut the upper half to make an inlet and hung it near the plants. After this, the flow of water from these bottles continued to drop and their cultivation became excellent. According to him, with this technique, he is able to take advantage of Rs 15,200 from 0.1-hectare land in the season.

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