Tanhaji- ‘The Unsung Warrior’: Exclusive look released

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The trailer of Ajay Devgan‘s 100th film ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’ is coming on Tuesday. Before that, we released special information related to the film. We have also achieved an exclusive look at the film. Makers said that they have taken the services of Nachiket Barve and Mahesh Sarla to uphold Maharashtra’s then authority. While preparing the costume, he has taken care that one’s feelings are not hurt.

people of today can also connect with it. Color, from styling to then armor like Were, they show him the same

​The film came about 13 years ago. Then in America, I was watching an English film. She was very good. When he came out, I told my American friends that there is a similar story of the Maratha Empire, which used to narrate from grandmother to grandmother in Maharashtra. She has been the hero of Tanaji Malasure Tanaji – The Unsung Warrior of Shivaji’s army, Tanaji Malusare, the subedar of Shivaji’s army.

Garh Ala Pan Singh Galla: The fort of Sinhagad was saved from the Mughals. On his death, Shivaji himself became emotional and said that the stronghold had arrived, but Singh left. I started working on the story of Veer again for four years. Then narrated Ajay sir two years ago. He liked it so much that he also produced it. Heavy VFX has been used to make it visually beautiful. They have also shot it in 3D. ‘

We will also see weapons of the Mughal era: Om Raut also clarifies that Ajay Devgan’s look in the film is not as slim, trim, Tanhaji’s look felt which till now. They will also show his body strength in the film because, in reality, Tanhaji Malasure’s height was strong. Tanhaji was a big strongman. Ajay Devgan will look the same. There is an action decorated with shields, arrows, and spears. The Maratha sword, Shamsher, is the weapon of the Mughals.

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