Soleimani was about to attack US Embassies: Donald Trump

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  • US President said- Soleimani was probably the one to attack the US Embassy in Baghdad
  •  Under Article 51 of the UN Charter, any country has to give its reason before taking action in another country.
  •  America claims without evidence – General Soleimani conspired to attack his officers in West Asia

 Democrats do not trust these claims of Trump, said evidence that threatens General Soleimani is not yet revealed

US President Donald Trump has said that Iranian commander General Qasem Soleimani was the target of four US embassies. He said, “I think he was plotting to attack the four embassies.” Perhaps there was a conspiracy to attack the embassy in Baghdad as well. ”However, a week after Sulemani’s assassination, Trump made the claim without providing any evidence or other information.

According to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. Any country has to present evidence in its favor after taking action in another country. The US administration has not yet been able to give the exact reasons for killing General Sulaimani.

After General Sulemani’s assassination, Foreign Minister Pompeo said in a press conference that General Suleimani was the target of American officers in the West Asia region, but did not provide further details.


When asked how Sulaimani was a threat, Pompeo turned the issue to the American contractor killed in a rebel attack in December.

On January 3, the US killed General Qasim Sulemani of Iran’s Quds army. After this, Iran threatened America to take revenge. On 7 January, Iran dropped 22 missiles at two US bases. It claimed 80 American soldiers killed.

Trump administration does not give important information to parliament: Democrat


The opposition Democrat Party refused to trust the claims of the US government. Democrat MP Chris Murphy from Connecticut said the administration should have told us this in Parliament if there was a possibility of an attack on the four embassies, but Trump gave this information in an interview to Fox News Channel. Perhaps the news channel gets more high-level information or there was no real danger.

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