Delhi is the third Largest Consumer of Cannabis Globally

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  • Germany’s ABCD company surveyed in 120 cities of the world to make a report
  • The most expensive hemp in Tokyo, the price of gram hemp is about Rs 2347

There is a list related to where the maximum cannabis is consumed in countries around the world. In this, India’s capital Delhi is at number three. Mumbai is at the sixth place on the list. If we look at the figures, in the year 2018 only about 38,260 kg of cannabis has been consumed in Delhi. The New York City of America tops the list. At the second place is the Karachi city of Pakistan.

This report has come out under a study. This is done by German company ABCD. The company conducts various surveys related to the consumption of cannabis.

In this list, they give the figures for the year. The study also includes Los Angeles, Cairo, London, Chicago, Moscow, Toronto. To make this report, they did a survey in about 120 cities around the world.

It said that New York consumed 77.4 tonnes of hemp last year. In Karachi, addicts burned 42 tons of cannabis. In Mumbai, people used 32.4 tons of hemp. According to the company’s second study, the price of cannabis in Delhi and Mumbai is the lowest compared to other countries. A gram of ganja in Delhi costs around Rs 300, while in Mumbai it costs Rs 328 per gram.

Tax will be earned if it is legalized

According to the report, if the tax is levied by legalizing the hemp then the government will have to earn Rs 725 crore from Delhi alone. This figure from Mumbai will be Rs 641 crore. Ganja is legal in the US. If tax is collected in India according to the tax figures there, then the government will have an income of 225 crores from Delhi and 199 crores from Mumbai. According to the report, we find the most expensive hemp in Tokyo, where the price of one gram of hemp is about Rs 2,347.

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