Corona wreaks havoc in Singapore, number of infection increases


Singapore: Corona infection has been confirmed to 469 people in Singapore on Monday, and with this the total number of infected people in the country has reached 50,838. There are also 15 imported cases of infection in new cases. According to the Ministry of Health, there are also two community matters, one in which Singaporean and the other is foreigner, work pass holder. The rest are other infected foreigners who are here on work permits and residing in the dormitory.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health has reported that a total of 173 patients are in hospitals, while 4,648 are admitted in community facilities. On Sunday, 169 patients have gone home after being discharged from the hospital and community isolation centers. With this, so far more than 45 thousand patients in the country have been cured of corona. Singapore and Malaysia have facilitated cross-border travel between the two countries, though have not yet agreed to allow daily commute.

Earlier on Sunday, 481 new cases of infection of covid were reported in Singapore. 476 of which were migrant workers residing in the dormitory, while 5 were community cases. There were also four imported cases, which have been placed on home-notice when they come to Singapore. For information, let us know that the number of corona infects has reached 1 crore 62 lakh worldwide. According to Johns Hopkins University of America, the number of corona infections in the world has been 1,62,64,048.  648,966 people have died due to corona so far. The country most affected by the Coronavirus is America. So far 4,234,140 cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in the US and 146,935 people have been killed. After America, Brazil is the country where the number of corona infected is very high and India is in third place.

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