Corona: Indore student studying in Italy could not return home, gives touching message


Indore: Even after the best health services, Italy is being ruined by the Coronavirus. A student from Indore is currently studying in the capital of Italy. He did not return to his country only so that no one gets infected in India because of it. This student has appealed to all Indians not to leave their homes. Otherwise the whole of India will be ruined.

Corona reaches in 'third stage' in this city of India

Anant Shukla, a student of Indore city of India, is currently in Rome, the capital of Italy. Anant's father Harishankar Shukla said that he told his son a lot that he returned home but Anant refused to come to India. He did not come home to his family only so that because of that people in India would not fall ill, and do not get hit by an epidemic. Student Anant Shukla has pleaded with the people of India with folded hands not to leave the house for the sake of himself and his family. Otherwise the whole of India will be ruined. This is country service.

India has ability to beat 'Corona', but lockdown is not enough – WHO

PM Narendra Modi had urged the countrymen to fold hands and not leave the houses for 21 days. Even after this, people are leaving their homes. The police is also very strict against such people, but till the public will not be aware itself, the lockdown cannot be made successful.

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