Corona: Congress suggested way to understand ‘stage three’ in India


Lockdown in the country has been done by PM Modi. But the number of infected people is still increasing. At the same time, expressing concern over the increasing number of corona positive patients, Congress has demanded the government to allow companies to manufacture more corona test kits in the country. The party has said that given the increasing number of people suspected of Corona, India now needs to conduct more tests daily. A large number of suspects will be identified from the test itself and the correct picture of whether India is going to go to stage three of the corona or is in control of the situation.

Regarding this special, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said during a video conference through video conferencing that some experts say that India has reached stage three of Corona, but its true picture will be revealed from the test itself. India is doing much less test than other countries. But the problem with increasing the number of tests is that states have corona test kits only to deal with emergencies. That is why the states do not want to use it in the investigation process.

In his statement, Tiwari further said that only four companies are allowed to make kits. While 17 companies applied for it. While expressing anger over the incident of poor laborers being bathed with a bleaching powder solution in Bareilly, Manish Tiwari said that this incident has reiterated the unfortunate difference between India and India. In this lockdown, one section watches Netflix and the other is struggling to reach their homes by walking hundreds of mill.

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