Congress adopted Divide and Rule Policy in North-East: Amit Shah

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who arrived in Assam to attend the North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) meeting, attacked the Congress party heavily on the pretext of infiltrators. He said that the Congress party split the northeast and adopted the policy of rule. Not only this, instead of solving the problem of terrorism in the North East, Congress spread it further. Shah said that not only Assam, but the entire country will also be freed from foreign intruders and a plan is being prepared for this.

Addressing the meeting, Home Minister Shah said, ‘The Congress adopted a divide and rule policy. Every state is an integral part of India. If this feeling was to be passed on to everyone, it was very important that the North East be free from Congress. Instead of solving the problem of terrorism in the North East, Congress spread it further so that it can maintain its rule.

‘Congress creates fights in North East’

He said, ‘Since independence, till 2014, Congress has created conflicts in the North East based on language, caste, culture, region. This made the entire North East a bastion of unrest. Here, Congress did the work of giving an important place to corruption instead of development. He said that the states of the North-East have complained about the NRC that they have left many people out, so there should be more intensive work.

The Union Home Minister said, “I want to reassure everyone that not a single intruder will live inside Assam and cannot enter another state.” We do not just want to free Assam from intruders but also to free the entire country from intruders. A plan is also being prepared for this. Shah said that Article 370 was a temporary provision and Article 371 is a special provision. This article is the right of the North East and there is no touching it.

‘8 states of North East accept NEDA’

Amit Shah said, ‘When ​​North East Democratic Alliance came up after the election of Assam, I discussed it with my colleagues. Then it came out that if the expansion of NDA is to be taken down, then NEDA is necessary. Therefore, the seed of the establishment of NEDA was sown in 2016, which today is becoming a huge Banyan Tree and giving shade to the entire North East. He said that North East is like a lung for India, because here 26 percent of the country is a forest area which serves oxygen to the country.

He said, ‘8 states of the North-East have accepted NEDA. Out of 25 Lok Sabha seats, 19 seats have been won by NEDA by Modi. We have understood the feelings of small parties and linked them to Neda. Even after getting a three-fourth majority in Tripura, our allies have become ministers in the government there. It tells in which direction Neda is heading. ‘

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