Chinese troops are an anxious group: Indian Army officers recall


New Delhi, June 29 — Psychological profiling of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers of China as done by Indian Army both officially and informally has shown a sad picture of China’s Army, media reports said.

The Sunday Guardian spoke to serving and retired Army officers, on and off the record, who have spent a considerable time at the India-Chinese borders, to find out the reality of the PLA, which, thanks to its focus on psy-war and image building, has created a larger than life image for itself in the virtual arena.All these Indian officers had engaged in one-to-one confrontations with their Chinese counterparts multiple times during their posting, the news magazine reported.Indian Army officers have also learnt, while interacting with PLA officers, that the PLA is an extremely corrupt force, reported the news magazine.The PLA, as these Indian officers shared with the department concerned in the South Block, lacked cohesiveness among its cadre, who have massive disrespect for their superiors. The lack of fraternal feelings among the PLA men is easily visible.”Theirs is not a motivated Army. PLA relies on fear to extract performance, which does not work in a place like Nathu La. They are extremely low paid. My counterpart once told me that he gets one third of what I get. In PLA, there is no recognition of the fallen, as was evident from the recent 15 June standoff, unlike in our country where the fallen are treated like God and their names are engraved in memory for eternity,” a retired colonel, who was posted at Leh until recently, told The Sunday Guardian.Colonel (Retired) L.P. Singh, who has considerable experience of the LAC, said that it would be wrong to think that the Chinese were invincible.India and Chinese troops were engaged in a bitter standoff in Ladakh in recent times.The violent faceoff between the forces of the two countries in the Galwan Valley recently left 20 Indian Army personnel killed.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at
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