Chinese COVID-19 vaccine receives approval for military use

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Moscow, June 29 — A COVID-19 vaccine developed by Chinese biotech company CanSino has been approved to be used exclusively by the Chinese military, the company said in a public statement issued to investors through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Monday.

“Our company gladly announces that the Ad5-nCoV vaccine jointly developed with the Institute of Bioengineering under the Academy of Military Medical Sciences received approval from the Health Bureau of Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission on June 25 to become a special need drug for the military,” the statement said.The statement added that the validity of the approval was one year and stressed that the vaccine was to be used exclusively for the Chinese military and could not be used for wide vaccination without approval from the Central Military Commission.

According to the statement, the company completed its second phase of the clinical trials for its vaccine on June 11, and the results were found to be positive concerning the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.As the global COVID-19 death toll topped 500,000, a number of biotech companies from different countries have been rushing to complete an effective vaccine against the deadly new virus.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at
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