Chinese ships stormed into Arabian Sea: Navy Chief

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  • Navy Chief Confirms Chinese Ship Entry and Return to Indian Territory
  • Navy Chief also called for monitoring of joint naval exercise between Pakistan and China
  • The Navy also mentioned the complete preparedness to deal with terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda
  • Navy Chief said that the Navy’s share of the defense budget has been steadily decreasing for the last few years


The Indian Navy chief today confirmed the return of China’s aircraft to the Arabian Sea. Naval Chief Admiral Karambir Singh said in a press conference in Delhi that Chinese ship Xi Yan 1 was returned due to entry into Indian territory without permission.

China’s aircraft returned to the Arabian Sea

Talking about the success of the Indian Navy’s anti-piracy mission, he said 120 pirates caught in this mission and 44 cases of piracy were detected.

We returned the ship to china

The Chief of the Navy also responded to the question of returning Chinese ship Xi Yan 1 to India. He said, ‘Xi Yan 1 returned from the water coming into Indian territory. Our stand clear on the issue that if a ship of any country comes into the economic zone under our jurisdiction, it has to get permission in the past.

China and Pakistan are increasing activity in the Arabian Sea

The Indian Navy chief consistently expressed concern over the reduced Navy budget. He said that the Navy’s share in the defense budget has steadily decreased over the years. It 18% in 2012, which reduced to just 12% in 2018. He said that China is steadily increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean.However, the Indian Navy is closely monitoring every such move.

India is eyeing Pakistan and China

Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh said, “China and Pakistan’s proposed joint military exercise of the Navy in the North Arabian Sea. We are watching it. For this joint military exercise, they have to go through the Indian Ocean in the territory of India. Emphasizing the strength of the Navy. Also, the Navy Chief said that in view of the maritime activity of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. However, we are adopting security measures.

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