China trying to eliminate the existance of Uyghur Muslims

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On one hand, China is arguing that human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims are not happening in its country, while in reality, the history of Beijing Uyghur is on the path of erasing their identity. After holding millions of Uyghur hostage, he is now destroying their cemeteries to cut them off from their history and ancestors. Let us know that this information is coming when China and America have become cold amid the atrocities on Uygar  Muslims. The US has bluntly told China that unless it stops suppressing the Uyghur, they will not grant its officials visas.

According to the AFP report, the Chinese administration is destroying the cemetery in Xinjiang. Several generations of Uygars are buried there. It causes human bones and broken parts of the tomb to be scattered in the vicinity. Two years earlier, dozens of their confederations had been disbanded in the northwest region. We have seen human bones in three different places in Shire County. When the officials were asked they said that the graves are not being broken while they are being standardized. At the same time, Uygars living outside China have alleged that this is an attempt to completely control their lives.

Salih Hudayar, who is out of the country, said, “This is China’s campaign to effectively eliminate evidence related to our identity, they want to effectively make us Han Chinese.” He said, ‘So they are breaking all the historical sites, cemeteries so they can cut us off from our history, our father and our ancestors’.

It is noteworthy that over 1 million people have been held hostage in the alleged re-education camp in Xinjiang. Most of them are Muslim. We have held them hostage in the name of action against religious fundamentalism and separatism. Those who are outside this camp are being closely monitored. Officers threaten their home anytime. There is a ban on women wearing burqas and men’s beards.

While the global world is concerned about this humanitarian tragedy, it does not seem to affect China. The United States has stated that it will not grant visas to Chinese authorities in view of human rights violations. The US has also blacklisted 28 firms accused of human rights violations. China alleges that the US is interfering in its internal matter. Let us know that the Chinese government had to face criticism even last year when the tradition of burial of dead bodies among Muslims was opposed. In one move, the coffins in central Jiangxi were broken and forced to burn.

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