Chennai Company makes device to check on Drunk Employees

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  • Ramco Company of Chennai built Facial Recognition Attendance System, it will analyze the face and breath and tell if the employee is drunk
  • The company claims, the breath analyzer installed in the attendant system can give 100 percent accurate response

Soon, those taking alcohol will not get entry to the office. Ramco Company of Chennai has designed a facial recognition attendant system. It will read the speed of breath and tell how drunk you are. They have used breath analyzer in Facial Recognition Attendance System. It will analyze the face and breath of the employee and send the information to the HR of the company when drunk.

The company’s next step is to identify drug users

The company claims that Breath Analyzer can give 100 percent correct answers. This technology will easily identify drug addicts in the office and will create a better environment in the workplace. The CEO of the company, Virender Aggarwal, says that he is also working on creating software that can catch drug users with drugs as the number of drug users in India is also increasing.

They have reported such cases many times in India. According to information received from RTI, the DGCA has said in response to a question that in 2015, 171 pilots had drunk before flying the aircraft. There were also some international flights. In June, a video of a Delhi Jal Nigam employee consuming alcohol went viral, following which they suspended him.

A research conducted in Germany revealed that the number of alcohol drinkers in India increased by 38% between 2010-2017. It has a bad effect on the office workers and the environment. It is also questioning the safety of office workers. The company says that by providing timely information, this software can prevent major accidents because of alcohol consumption.

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