Can People eat Oats during Fast on Mondays?

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Although many people keep a fast on Mondays, the number of people observing Mondays in Sawan ballons. People usually take fruits in fast, but many people also eat rock salt. According to Hindu belief, there are some rules and rituals to keep every fast, which is necessary to follow. There are some things, which can be broken by fasting. Such as oats. Many people are confused about whether they should eat oats during the fast.

Let us tell you about this. Calories are very low in oats and high in fiber. This is the reason why oats are considered a perfect breakfast. In addition, oats contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals which not only help in improving the metabolism of the body but also helps in reducing the weight gain. This is the reason that most people prefer oats during fasting days so they will get plenty of energy throughout the day and they do not have the desire to eat anything else. But alas oats are a bowl of cereal and according to Hindu beliefs, they forbid it to eat food during the fast.

We believe it that paddy, meat, wine, salt, onion, and garlic attract negative energies. In addition, oats take a long time to be in the digest. This can cause indigestion problems.

Apart from this, body detoxification occurs during fasting. Because of this, they should eat light food during the fast. Hence it is said to take fruit during fasting as it is easily digested.

But even if many people are like this, then they cannot live only on fruit during the fasting days. Many people do not consider any diet complete without bread or rice, even if it is a diet of fasting. Such people can make and eat kuttu, singhara in fast. Even though these things are paddy, it is considered right to eat them during the fast because they are easily digested. Also, they provide more energy in low calorie.

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