Brain Dead Boy comes alive after hearing Mother’s Cry

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  • They admitted Kiran to the hospital on June 26 after a complaint of high fever and vomiting
  • On July 3, he went to coma, after which the doctor declared him a brain dead

The incident of the surviving 18-year-old boy has been revealed in Telangana as the brain dead. The preparations for his funeral were being fulfilled. Then her mother started crying around him and crying. When the mother cried, the boy’s eyes had tears. Seeing this, there was a wave of happiness on the relatives there. He was taken to the hospital immediately.


The incident is from Pillalmari village of Sunpate district of Telangana. The boy’s name is Gadhham Kiran. Gadhham’s mother told that when she was sitting near her weeping she saw that her eyes were blowing tears. Seeing this, she told her relatives and they called the doctor.

‘My son is healthy now’

Gadhham Kiran’s mother, Saidamma, said, “The doctor took hold of her hand and told that she is alive now. The pulse is also going on, then there is no room for our happiness.” On the advice of the doctors of Hyderabad, they treated the doctors of Suryapet district hospital. Kiran began to recognize everyone in three days and started talking. They told that the doctors discharged their son on Sunday. Now she is healthy.

Severe hepatitis

They admitted Kiran to the government hospital on June 26 after complaints of very high fever and vomiting. The doctor told him of severe hepatitis. After suffering from terrible health, they brought him to Hyderabad on June 28. On his arrival, he went to Coma on July 3. After this, the doctor declared him dead.

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