Bollywood Celebrities come out to hail ISRO’s efforts

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Mission Chandrayaan 2 has almost failed. ISRO scientists also have no hope of contacting Chandrayaan 2’s lander and rover again. Although this mission may have failed, everyone is praising the scientists of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for this mission. The celebrities of Bollywood have also appreciated the efforts of ISRO.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, while sharing the poem of his famous film ‘Agneepath’, wrote, ‘Proud never faces defeat … Our pride, our victory … Proud of you ISRO.’

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan praised ISRO, writing, ‘Many times we cannot reach where we want to reach. The most important thing is that we have set out to achieve the goal and we have full hope and confidence that we can. Our present situation can never be our destination. The floor always meets with time and trust. ISRO is proud of you. ‘

Appreciating ISRO on Bollywood’s famous producer-director Karan Johar Chandrayaan 2, wrote, ‘I appreciate and salute the best efforts of ISRO. Proud of the work they are doing continuously… Proud to be a part of a country that has so many genius minds. ‘

Praising the efforts of ISRO, superstar Akshay Kumar wrote, ‘There is no science without experiment. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we learn. Salute to these talented scientists of ISRO and we hope that Chandrayaan 2 will pave the way for Chandrayaan 3 soon. We will come back soon. ‘

Recently, Taapsee Pannu, who appeared in the film ‘Mission Mangal’, wrote in praise of ISRO, ‘My throat is strangled and tears are not for anything else but seeing how you have seen our whole country in hopes and hopes. Tied together. When you are about to take your longest jump, there is nothing wrong in stepping back a few steps. You are our hero, ISRO. ‘

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