BJP MP’s daughter shares video of Threats from Father

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A video of BJP’s  Rajesh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi alias Pappu daughter Sakthan from Chainpur seat of Bareli district of UP has become viral. Sakshi married Vedic Hindu customs with Ajitesh Kumar, a Dalit youth. After which, after appealing to the police, she said that she and her husband are in danger of life with their father, so they should be provided security. Here, Sakshi’s father Rajesh Mishra issued a press release in front of the media. They say that she is his daughter, and she may decide, he has not threatened to kill anyone.

BJP legislator Rajesh Mishra alias Pappu Bharataul said while releasing the press release,

“What is going on in the media against me is all that is wrong, my daughter is an adult, she may decide, I have not threatened to kill anyone with any life, nor did any of my men threatened her, nor did someone from the family

I and my family are busy in my work, I am doing public work in my assembly and I am running a party (BJP) membership. There is no danger from me. “

The witness then released another video after which the senior police superintendent of Bareilly made a plea that her life is under threat from her father and MLA Rajesh Mishra. In such a way, they will protect him and her husband. Sakshi accused that all these people want to kill her and her husband. Sakshi has appealed to Bareilly MPs, legislators and ministers to not help her father, brother and father’s ally.

Bareilly’s DIG R K Pandey said that when the matter came to light, he has instructed Bareilly Senior Superintendent of Police to provide security to the witnesses and Ajitesh. Pandey said that the couple has not yet informed where their address.

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