BJP MP claims to be descendent of Lord Ram’s son Kush

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BJP MP from Rajsamand in Rajasthan and Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur have claimed that their royal family is descended from Kush, son of Lord Ram. Dia said on Sunday, ‘We have the basis for this claim. Handwriting, genealogy, and documents are present in our Pothikhana. ‘ The MP has also made these documents public. Diya Kumari also demanded an early resolution of the Ram temple issue.

On the question raised about the descendants of Lord Rama during the hearing in the Supreme Court on the Ayodhya, Dia Kumari said, “The court asked where the descendants of Lord Rama are … descendants of Lord Shri Ram around the world.” It includes me and my family, we are descendants of Lord Shri Ram’s son Kush. “He said,” Lord Shri Ram is the symbol of everyone’s faith. The hearing of Ram temple case should be expedited and the court should give its verdict soon, that is our intention. The temple should be built as soon as possible and there should be no obstruction.

Daily Ayodhya case hearing

Let me tell you that during the hearing of Ayodhya case on Friday, the Supreme Court had asked Ramlala Paksha lawyer K. Parasaran to find out if any member of Lord Rama’s clan lives in Ayodhya. After this, this claim of Princess Dia Kumari has come out. The bench had said, “We are just wondering if someone from the ‘Raghuvansh’ dynasty is still living (in Ayodhya).” The bench said that it is being asked curiously. Parasaran replied, ‘I don’t know. We will try to find out. ‘ The Supreme Court is now hearing the Ayodhya case daily.

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