Big revealtion, corona was made in China like this


Already China is facing criticism worldwide for spreading corona. But now a report has revealed the shocking thing. It is being said that such a virus strain was detected 7 years ago in China. Which is very similar to Corona. According to the report of, China had kept the information of this virus in 2013 confidential.

According to foreign media, evidence of corona virus has been found in bats and rat mines. Let us tell you that in 2013, the corona virus strain was found in bats and rat mines. China kept this terrible strain hidden in its lab for many years. Just a few days ago, the WHO announced that its team would find out the origin of the virus in China. Now the information about the virus strain found seven years ago is considered important in relation to the origin of the corona.

For your information, let us tell you that the real thing about Corona is that in 2012, 6 people working in the mine had fever. Which showed symptoms from phlegm and pneumonia. The condition of three of them was very bad. According to the report, corona virus antibodies were found in the body of 4 of the people falling ill. But 2 died before the investigation. Please tell that Dr. Xi Zhengli, known as Bat Woman in China, prepared an academic paper on Corona in February. According to the paper published in the journal Nature, China had placed the RaTG13 virus from bats in the lab in Wuhan, which is 96.2 percent from the corona virus. But a colleague of Xi Zhengli says that RaTG13 is the same sample that was found in the mine in 2013 and the information related to it was not made public.

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