Chhapaak gets “4.6” IMDB rating, Baba Ramdev advises Deepika

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After opposing ‘Chhapaak’ on social media, people have also voted against the film on the review aggregator website IMDb. Only 28.8% (2046) out of 7106 users on the website gave the film a 10 out of 10 ratings. Whereas the number of people giving 1 rating is 57.1% (4059). Due to this, the film has got an average 4.6 rating from 10 on the website.

‘Tanhaji’ too heavy on ‘Chhapak’ here

Talking of Ajay Devgan starrer ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’ released with ‘Chhapaak’, it has beaten Deepika’s film badly here too. ‘Tanhaji’ has an average of 8.8 ratings from 10. 74.5% (4584) out of 6154 users gave the film a 10 out of 10 ratings. While the lowest, giving 1 rating out of 10, is just 6.2% (382).

Ramdev advises Deepika Padukone

Baba Ramdev has advised the film actress on the controversy of Deepika Padukone visiting JNU. Ramdev said that she is a good artist, but political, social, cultural understanding will have to be studied more. Deepika should take big decisions only after increasing the understanding of the country. Deepika needs an advisor like Ramdev. Baba Ramdev openly supported the work of the CAA to the Center for Economy. Regarding the economic slowdown, he said that the country has digested the demonetisation-GST, the government is aware of the challenges.

Baba Ramdev said – We Indians also have the responsibility to move the country forward. Now Modiji himself will not plow the field. Nor will any company run. The government’s job is to make good policy with a fixed intention that it is doing. Anyway, instead of recession and boom in the country, fire is on the rise. Ramdev came here to Indore after the Ruchi Soya Group was acquired by Patanjali for 5000 crores.

Those who do not know the full form of CAA are protesting

Baba Ramdev, while supporting the CAA, said that he who does not know its full-size is also misinforming Modiji. The PM of the country is speaking, yet people are being set on fire. The students who should study are raising slogans of Azadi Bhai Azadi. The country is on fire and even after this the government is not taking any major action, now will you blow the country? This law was brought by Congress itself.


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