Ayodhya: Ram Janmabhoomi Day 1 update after verdict

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After the verdict in the 134-year-old Ayodhya land dispute, we saw people excited on the Saryu coast here on Sunday morning. People started arriving at the ghat for a bath early in the morning and got more crowds than usual. Devotees offered prayers at the temples and shouted Sri Ram. Security is tight, the roads are normal; it restricts although vehicular movement on some routes. The Supreme Court on Saturday ordered the construction of a Ram temple on the disputed land and the Muslim side to give 5 acres of land for the construction of a mosque in Ayodhya. Ground report of Bhaskar APP from Ayodhya …

Hanumangarhi: crowds of devotees in temples, discussion among people at crossroads

Crowds of devotees gathered in Hanumangarhi since morning. As usual, he had to go through strict security checks. Sudama Agnihotri, a resident of Banaras, also came to see. He said that I had no problem seeing him. People are coming to see. The crowd is not very, but not less.

Ramlala seated: Devotees arriving to see Ramlala

They have tightened security around the Ramlala seat after the Supreme Court’s decision. Though the number of visitors was less than normal days, we saw the desire to get Ram Lalla’s darshan was more. Madhukaria saint Mithila Bihari Das said that seeing Ramalala was a very pleasant experience. Today’s philosophy is special after the verdict.

Crowd common in Ram Janmabhoomi and Kanak Bhawan other temples

They do not crowd Ram Janmabhoomi and Kanak like normal days. Visitors have to undergo a little checking. People are coming to markets, temples and Saryu Ghats. Dasharatha Mahal, Bharat Milap, Raj Dwar Sheesh Mahal, Karunanidhan Bhavan, Lava-Kush Temple in the temple is to be visited by a crowd of devotees. There is no restriction of any kind.

People said – this morning of Ram temple

The temples, crossroads, and streets are crowded here. Because of being a day off, people started visiting Ayodhya from the morning. People showed brotherhood. Local people have welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court. Now he wishes that peace and tranquility prevail here. People of both communities live in peace. People said that after this decision, they will construct a magnificent Ram temple in Ayodhya. The Ganges of development will flow in this city. People will get employment. People said that the morning of the Ram temple has welcomed the people of Ayodhya. We have got to see a new dawn.

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