Al-Qaeda commander ancestor was village head, freedom fighter:DM

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I can see anger among the people in the Deepa Sarai locality of Sambhal district of UP. This area is in the news once again after 4 years. Al Qaeda commander Maulana Asim Omar, who was killed in the American Air Strike, has been identified as Sanaul Haq of this locality of Sambhal. Since then, this locality has once again come under discussion.

Asim Umar was the great face of terrorism, they can understand it from this that Al Qaeda made him the commander of the Indian subcontinent. Al Qaeda leader Ayman Aljwahiri gave him the responsibility of al-Qaeda commander.

Asim Umar, who included in the list of America’s Global Terrorists,  killed in airstrikes in Afghanistan on 23 September.

According to locals, at one time Sanaul Haq’s family known as an elite family in the area.

His grandfather had been the head of the village, while one of his ancestors was a freedom fighter. Not only this, but his great-grandfather was also a DM during the British era.

Asim Umar Al-Qaeda commander ancestor was a freedom fighter

Our associate newspaper Times of India also spoke to Ranawan, brother of Sanaul Haq, who is a teacher by profession. “We came to know through the intelligence agencies on Tuesday that they had killed him,” he said. It was not surprising for us.

He left us in 1998 when he was just 18 years old. We had no news of him since then.

Irrfan-ul-Haq and Rukaiyya’s son Sanaul Haq, who came to live in the area only a few years ago, was made the commander of the Indian subcontinent in 2010 by Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri. In 2015, Rukaiya, the mother of terrorist Asim Umar, said, “He died for us only in 2009, when we came to know through local intelligence agencies that he had joined the terrorist organization.”

In fact, in 2009, intelligence officials suddenly arrived at Sanaul Haq’s house in Sambhal and told the family that the 11-year-old son whom they are thinking about death,  now become a terrorist.

Soon after, Sanaul Haq’s father make himself separated from him by publishing advertisements in local newspapers.

In media reports, Sanaul Haq alias Asim Umar said to have graduated from Darul Uloom Deoband. However, the top Islamic organization has rejected such reports. Darul Uloom spokesman Ashraf Usmani said, “We have checked our records and no alumnus named Sanaul Haq was found.”

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