Supreme court warns Amrapali group

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During the hearing of the Amrapali, the Supreme Court has said in a strict tone that they divert those who have benefited from this amount after, will be tightened. The court said that he would deal with such people one by one and if he did not return the buyer’s money, they would send him behind bars.

The court said that there should be no attempt to make fun of the judicial process and the money should be deposited.

The Supreme Court has asked Surekha Group to deposit Rs 167 crore within a month and a half. The court rejected the plea of ​​the Amrapali directors, stating that they own 13 crore rupees in mutual funds, this is not Amrapali’s fund.

The court said that you deposit the money. If not, we will take action of the Court of Competent and send you directly to jail and you will remain in jail till the order is followed. The Supreme Court strongly resented the July order not fully adhered to.

Amrapali group got warning from Supreme Court

The funds of the buyers, which were diverted to people’s accounts, asked to return the money. The court has asked three directors to deposit Rs 11.77 crore in four weeks. Court said on Monday that many benefits refunded if seen. The court said that he will deal with the case one by one and send him to jail.

The court has asked Boyer’s lawyer ML Lahoti, the court received and NBCC counsel to hold a meeting among themselves.

However, agree on which projects can completed immediately. Which projects will NBCC first take up to complete?

The court has said that whatever property the DRT has and which has already been attached, SCTC will auction it. NBCC had said that it would cost 8500 crores to build 46575 flats. However, the next hearing will be on 2 December.

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