American Independence Day was celebrated with great fanfare in America


Washington: On Friday, July 3, 2020, the 243rd anniversary of independence from Britain was celebrated with great pomp in the United States. US President Trump organized the Salute to America program, making it special. This led to a display of military strength for the first time in a parade in front of the 97-year-old Lincoln Memorial in Washington. During this, it also rained. Despite this, more than 50 thousand people attended.

Where America's President Trump added the event to the pride of the country instead of giving it a political color. He said, With this special salute to America, we are celebrating our history. We are extremely proud of our warriors. We are going to honor the brave men and women of the army today. As Trump said, The country is stronger today and nothing is impossible for Americans. We are going to raise the flag on Mars as well. Trump became the President who gave a speech on Independence Day after 68 years. Before Trump, the then President Harry Truman addressed the country during the Korean War in 1951. It was the 175th anniversary of independence.

Trump misinformed – It was only in 1775 that the army captured the airport: It is revealed that Trump has made a big mistake during his speech. He said that in 1775, the army formed by the Continental Congress attacked and captured the airport. While the truth is that even the airplane was not built at that time. There was criticism on this mistake. Trump said on this – it is not mine, it is the fault of the teleprompter.

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