Amazon Fire: President Jair Bolsonaro sent army to fight fires

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Brazil’s President Jar Bolsonaro has sent troops to deal with the fire on Friday, following a rapidly spreading fire in the Amazon jungles and increasing international pressure. Earlier, the news channel Al Jazeera quoted Bolsonaro as saying that the government was planning to send troops to the jungles. However, no decision was taken when this step would be taken. The Amazon forest has been under fire for 3 weeks.

Bolsonaro has suffered from criticisms globally. The reason for this is his vision and plans for protecting the rainforest. People also staged protests outside the Brazilian embassy in Paris, London, and Geneva. People appealed that Brazil intensifies efforts to deal with the fire.

Macron said – this is an international problem

French President Emmanuel Macron said that wildfires are an international problem. The G-7 nations should also discuss the matter at the summit. Macron tweeted- Our houses are burning. The Amazon rainforest is our lungs. 20% of our planet’s oxygen is produced here. This is an international problem. G7 members, let’s talk about this first in the next two days.

They released the statement from the Macros office before the G-7 Summit. It said that Brazil’s decisions and statements show that they will neither discharge their obligations on the environment nor involve themselves in this matter related to biodiversity.

Bolsonaro accused Macron of doing politics

Bolsonaro accused Macron of politicizing the case. According to the Brazilian government – European nations are linking Brazil’s environmental problem with commercial interest. Bolsonaro said that I want to convert the land into a soybean field and cattle pasture. France and Ireland said they would not approve a trade deal with Brazil unless it dealt with the Amazon Fire.

We should protect Amazon: Guterres

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tweeted on Thursday, “Amid the global climate crisis, we cannot bear much loss of oxygen and a major source of biodiversity.” They must protect Amazon. “Environmental protectionists blame Bolsonaro for Amazon’s plight. According to him, Bolsonaro encouraged loggers and farmers to wipe out the land, which sped up the harvesting of rainforests.

Fire incidents recorded 83% increase this time

The Amazon forest fire is on record level in Brazil. According to the National Institute for Space Research, there have been 73,000 fire incidents in the last eight months. This time there has been an 83% increase in such incidents as compared to 2018. This is the highest number of fires since 2013. The fire in the forests has continued for the past three weeks. They also declared an emergency in Brazil at the beginning of the month.

Most affected by Amazon fire: Report

According to officials, agriculture and animal husbandry are the main causes of most forest fires. Users appealed to billionaire people to donate to save this forest. According to the newspaper, a photo taken from the satellite showed that the fire was in the jungles of Brazil, Amazon, Rondônia, Para, and Mato Grosso State. The most affected is Amazon. It has also affected Brazil and neighboring countries.

End of the forest area has a bad effect on the world: scientist

This Brazilian forest produces 20% of the world’s total oxygen. It is an area with total biodiversity of 10%. We consider this region the lungs of the Earth. It plays an important role in controlling the climate. According to scientists, if this forest area ends, it will have a bad effect on the world.

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