Alabama’s governor Kyi Eave signs the ‘Chemical Castration’ Bill

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  • Governor signs new bill against child sexual abuse
  • The Governor said that due to such punishment, the fear of the criminals will arise.

In the Alabama state of America, a person who is sexually exploited for children will be impotent. Alabama’s governor Ki Aaye has signed the ‘Chemical Castration’ Bill on Monday. Bill has a provision to make impostors guilty of sexual offenses against children under 13 years of age in Alabama. Alabama has become the first state in the United States to enforce such a law.

The cost of injection will also be borne by the accused

The judge will decide how long and how much the drug will be given to the accused. The charges will also be borne by the accused. This bill was presented by Republican Representative Steve Hurst. It was passed in both Houses of Alabama.

What the Governor says is that there should be a heinous punishment for heinous crimes, only then the criminals will have fear in mind. Right now the criminals have no fear in their minds, so such crimes are increasingly growing.

In the new law, the drug will be injected a month before the release of the accused from custody or parole. This will not cause testosterone in the body. Some other hormones will also be inserted in the culprit’s body.

Some legal groups expressed concern

On the other hand, many states have expressed concern over the use of chemical drugs on the inmates. According to the states, it is not clear how many times the drug will be used, some legal groups have expressed concern about the use of forcible drug use.

The punishment for making impotence in child sexual abuse case is given in South Korea in 2011 and in Indonesia 2016. Then Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that we can not compromise on the issue of child sexual violence.

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