Akash Chopra gives shocking reply to this Pakistani cricketer


Former Team India player Akash Chopra has retaliated former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi to comment on Team India. Recently Afridi had said that Team India used to apologize to Pakistani players after losing. On this, Akash responded that there is a medicine for snakebite in this world, but not for misunderstanding. He  has also told on YouTube channel, Pakistan team was once good. It is fine even today but that was a time when the Indian team used to play in Sharjah and other series against Pakistan. The pain of Pakistan was a bit heavy, but Shahid Afridi was not in the team at that time. Then how can they do all these things about it.'

India won just 2 ODIs against Pakistan: He said, Pakistan's team was strong during the time of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, and Waqar Younis. But India always had to face defeat in close matches. From Afridi's debut till retirement, the time was completely different. Looking at the statistics, India has won 15 Test games and 5–5. In 82 ODIs, Pakistan has won 41 and Hindustan has won only 2 less 39. Does anyone apologize even for just two defeats? ''

There is no cure for misunderstanding: Where Akash further said, Talking about T20, in which Pakistan is strong, then the pan of India has been completely heavy. Team India won 7 matches and lost only one. I think Afridi wanted to say something else, but the speech has gone. Great people have said that snake bite is medicine, but there is no cure for misunderstanding.

There is no respect for Afridi in the cricket world: Akash said, Without thinking, Afridi has been making controversial statements against India before. Recently, he also made a wrong statement against PM Narendra Modi. He has no respect in the cricket world due to rude language.

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