After corona, another deadly virus is developing in China


Shanghai: After the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, now another new deadly virus has stirred up in China. According to a study, this new flu virus found in pigs in China has become more contagious to humans, which has been emphasized to be closely watched as it may prove to be a 'pandemic virus'. However, experts believe that there is no immediate danger from this.

Researchers said that this virus has been found in the blood of pig rearing workers. He stressed the need to monitor the virus in humans, especially those working in the pig farming industry and implement it with immediate effect. The study has described the risk of the virus, which can spread to people living in densely populated areas, especially in China. Those close to farms, animal husbandry centers, slaughterhouses and meat-fish markets are at greater risk.

In connection with the virus spreading the corona epidemic worldwide, it is believed to have originated in a horseshoe-like nasal bat in southwest China, and spread to humans through a seafood market in Wuhan, where the virus The first one was identified.

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