Adopt these tips to excite your partner for oral sex


Are you trying to bring newness in love in your old way. If yes, then this is the right time when you have to give sex plager to your female partner in new ways. Today, try to excite the partner in new ways. Surely your lady love will like it. If you have not yet aroused your partner with oral sex, then this is the right opportunity. It is possible that you have not said anything to your partner due to shame and hesitation, but do not forget that every woman has her own separate desire for oral sex. So let's get your lady love aroused with oral sex through the tips given in Indian Sutra online.

Find their comfort zone: First of all, you have to keep in mind that before having oral sex, find a place where your partner is comfortable. That is, they relax during oral sex and enjoy it at that place without tension. If she does not relax, then she will not be able to enjoy oral sex either. You can assure your partner that you are not in a hurry to get them to the orgasm. Rather you have plenty of time for them.

Take the right position: Let your partner take the right position before oral sex. If they are comfortable in their positions, then they will be able to fully enjoy oral sex. You can also put a pillow under their waist to give your partner more pledges during oral sex. Open the partner's knees slightly so that they can easily enjoy oral sex. After deciding the place and position for oral sex, you can easily do many such things that can make your partner feel better.

This is how to start oral sex: First of all, massage their intimate parts with light hands so that their body can be warm. During this process, you breathe slowly so that your lady love can feel your breath on the clutouris located in the vagina. After this, gently flatten the tongue around their vagina and slowly move the tongue inside the vagina to the clitoris. In the vagina, flatten the tongue for a long time on a thick and rough area. Similarly, while moving forward, take your tongue in the vagina to the inside. With this process your partner will feel the other world.

Kiss in this style: Kiss plays a big role in oral sex. You should know how to kiss in which style and in which part of the body. If you know that in which parts of the body, by which your lady love is excited, then understand that half your work is done. You should kiss in intimate parts of your partner like thighs, lower back, on the nipples and on the back of the ear. Use the teeth lightly on their soft skin. Give them love bytes.

Reach the climax: When you feel that your lady love is completely excited and is about to reach the climax, then you do not stop in the middle. Continue your sex activities. In oral sex, it is most important that you understand your partner's needs and sex fantasies and be with them every moment to make them feel good. Moving forward in the same process, you will find that your lady love has orgasm. This experience will be completely new for them. According to many research, women have better orgasm than oral sex rather than intercourse.

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