Lack in security of Priyanka Gandhi, people forcibly entered the house to take selfies

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  • The Home Ministry recently removed Priyanka Gandhi’s SPG security
  • The complaint, in this case, was made to CRPF protecting Priyanka


Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s security has come to light. The news agency quoted sources on Monday as saying that the incident happened a week ago. Some people not only entered Priyanka Gandhi’s house without permission but also tried to take a selfie with her. A complaint made with the CRPF in this matter. The investigation is on.

A person entered Priyanka Gandhi’s house without permission

Sources said that a car entered Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s house in Lodhi Estate on November 25. This seen as great negligence in security. Recently, the SPG (Special Protection Group) deployed under the protection of Priyanka removed by the central government.

Sources have told the TV that a vehicle barged into the house of Priyanka Gandhi at around 2 pm on November 26. Three men, three women, and a child were inside the vehicle.

Priyanka Gandhi was in a meeting when the incident happened. They told the Congress leader that they and her fans and wanted to meet her.

Priyanka Gandhi’s Office has written to the CRPF in view of the security breach at the Delhi residence of the Congress leader. The CRPF, in its reply, has said the responsibility of the access to the residence is that of the Delhi Police.

The Delhi Police has, however, said the gates to the unknown persons opened. Also, only after they were given a green signal.

A video of a senior Congress leader has gone viral in social media after he made a blunder in a rally in Delhi. Former MLA Surender Kumar, while addressing a rally in Delhi on December 1, mixed up the names of Priyanka Gandhi and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

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