4th Standard Kids steals 35,000 from Father’s Account

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A student studying in the fourth grade of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, viciously stole Rs 35,000 from his father’s account. When his father came to know that they had transferred his money to an anonymous account, he reported it in a cyber cell, after which they revealed the case.

I will surprise you to know that that child had such a bad addiction to online games that for this he stole money from his father’s account. He first created a payment account of his father, after which he transacted thousands of rupees.

He created a Paytm account on his father’s mobile phone and withdrew the money. His father was not even aware that his own son had done this feat with him. When the police started investigating this, the cyber cell said that they transferred the money from their own phones. Knowing this, it shocked both the police and the victim.

Nobody even suspected that his own child would have done this act, but there was no way the police spoke to his child and found out the truth.

Explain that in many online games there is a need to pay large amounts of money. Because of this addiction, that child paid money from his father’s mobile.

He did such a thing for the first time in December 2018 but initially; he transferred less money which his father did not pay much attention to. Gradually he made a habit of it. Within a year, he withdrew Rs 35,000 from his father’s account.

When he saw the bank statement, he found something strange and suspected him of cyber attack. Police found in the investigation that the Paytm mobile wallet has the same mobile number. They link it with the bank account. When the truth came out, the child admitted that he had made a mistake and he was very scared that his father would kill him. They counseled the child at Hazratganj police station and then sent back home.

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